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Winning begins today for Camp NaNoWriMo! I’m not there yet, but hopefully I’ll finish up early. I got a few days behind, but finished catching up yesterday. I want to be a day or two ahead going into the weekend, so I’m working on that today. Thankfully I kept my word count goal low. It’s working out to be a manageable amount for me this month.

I came into Camp working on a few different projects, but I think that was hurting my progress. It was harder to just go ahead and write when I felt torn between multiple projects, none of which were very planned out. I’m still working a bit here and there on a few, but now I’m mostly concentrating my efforts on a Christmas novella I’ve been thinking over for several months. I initially thought it would be a short story. However, it seems to need more words than that, to better tell Andrew and Lauren’s story. I had the idea yesterday to make it the first in a series of Christmas novellas, revolving around secret Santas. Those should be fun to write! I’m looking forward to getting this first one finished and polished, and plan on releasing it for free later this year. I’m hung up on the title right now. I’ve had a few ideas, but they all feel too generic. Hopefully soon I can hit on one that feels right.