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Updates and Challenges!

I'm afraid I've slacked off on my writing this year, due to life and health and now preparing for another (mostly local) move. But it's almost April, which means…
I haven't done much planning yet. For Camp, you get to set your own word count, from 10,000 words up, and you can write whatever you want, not just a novel. I'm going with 10,000 because of everything else going on next month, and I'm splitting the word count between multiple projects. I want to work on a novel, a short story or novella, blog posts, book reviews, maybe some flash fiction, and some other projects I have going. Hopefully that will make it easier to achieve my word count, because I can work on whatever project sounds good at the time. Or maybe it will make it harder to be focused enough to write that much. I'll find out soon!

Even if my writing hasn't gotten much attention, I haven't been slacking on reading! I'm still working on K.M. Weiland's 100 Books in 2016 challenge, plus I'm doing a reading challenge from our library district. I've read 34 books so far, so I'm well ahead of schedule! I'm assuming my reading will take a hit in the midst of packing and moving, so hopefully I'll get enough ahead to make up for that.

At least one book review should be coming next week, and hopefully more soon. I have plenty of spots in my Camp NaNoWriMo cabin if anyone wants to be added. Just create your Camp project and give me your screen name and I can add you!