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Halfway through the month, and halfway through my novel! I’m currently at 25,120 words, so slightly over halfway to the 50,000 word goal! And still going strong. I am trying to figure out a few things along the way, which makes it harder to get ahead as much as I’d like to. I’m trying to figure out how exactly I want this relationship to struggle, and if I need to introduce more external conflict or not. But I keep reminding myself there’s always the next draft! This is the rough draft, and written in a month. It’s supposed to be bad! So I’ll keep plowing ahead and fully intend to finish the novel this month! And eventually, once I’ve done a lot of revisions, publish it. I don’t know what sort of time frame to expect, since this is my first novel, but it’s exciting to know I want to go that route. So hopefully sometime next year, I’ll be a published author!

Photo Credit: hayleyknightenblog via Compfight cc